5 Best Summer Touring Spots From Sapporo

Sapporo has its own appeal in summer, however don’t restrict yourself — Hokkaido offers mountains, lavender fields, and numerous conventional urban areas only a day’s excursion away!

In the event that you are right now a couple of days, at that point you can see somewhat more than what Hokkaido brings to the table. The northernmost island in Japan is popular for its dazzling landscape and climbing is the most ideal approach to appreciate it. Summer the travel industry incorporates an assortment of open air exercises, world-popular bloom fields and furthermore a lot of sea shores to unwind in. In spite of the fact that it has an exceptionally productive vehicle in Hokkaido, there are likewise a few different areas open by open vehicle — make certain to check the transport takeoff plan since this transportation can be extremely uncommon here.

1. Furano’s enchanting Lavender fields

Furano's enchanting Lavender fields
Furano’s enchanting Lavender fields

One of the most well known places of interest over the island, the lavender fields in Furano and Biei are celebrated all through Japan.

The most well known area is Farm Tomita; Has its own train station called Lavender Stop, which is just open in summer. There are 10 homesteads to investigate with some specific themed dishes including frozen yogurt and cheesecake accessible. On their subsequent ranch, Lavender East (4 km away), you can ride a tractor around the fields to appreciate the perspective on the Lavender just as the mountains of Tokashi and Yubari as the setting.

Access: Take the Chuo transport to Furano Station (¥4,150) from Sapporo, which takes about 2.5 hours. From that point, take the Norokko train to Lavender Farm station (15 minutes).

2. Unwind on the sea shore

Unwind on the sea shore
Unwind on the sea shore

With its geological structure as an island, Hokkaido has an extraordinary determination of sea shores to browse, and there are three best alternatives with a separation not very a long way from Sapporo. Visiting the sea shore on an island renowned for its snow celebration may not appear to be a smart thought, however in certainty in the mid year temperatures, here can arrive at the center of the 20 degree figure, making it very warm!

Shimamu Beach is on the Shakotan Peninsula and is known for its blue waters and striking stone developments. Near Cape Kamui, you can go through the day investigating and seeing some really astonishing perspectives.

For a genuinely extraordinary climate go to Otaru Dream Beach — preferred by the young people, there are bars, parties and numerous other ocean side excitements to appreciate.

The third choice is Ranshima Beach which is situated in a little inlet, with brilliant sand and clear blue ocean to the extent the eye is looking. The area is well known, yet not as swarmed as Otaru Dream Beach, so you can unwind discreetly.


Shimamu: Busses are accessible, yet only one every day, with approximately an hour’s stroll between the appearance and flight time of the sea shore, so the vehicle is the main alternative here, which takes around two hours.

Otaru Dream Beach: Go to Zenibako or Hoshimi on JR Hakodate Line, it will take 25 minutes for ¥360.

Ranshima Beach: Use JR Hakodate or Airport Line to Otaru and afterward move to Hakodate Line for Kutchan. It takes an hour and twenty minutes and expenses ¥930 one way.

3. Go Hiking: The best leisure activities in Hokkaido

Mt. Moiwa
Mt. Moiwa

Celebrated for its staggering landscape, Hokkaido is the ideal spot to get natural air and mountains with a wide assortment of climbing trails. Just accessible from spring to September, the mountain trails here are extremely famous gratitude to the staggering view, so regardless of whether you are not an expert climber, you might be keen on giving it a shot while you are here. Here are two alternatives that can be gotten to with or without utilizing a vehicle!

Mt. Moiwa

Mt. Moiwa ignores Sapporo and is in fact still around, so it might feel increasingly like a restful evening walk, however this area offers a wonderful view, particularly around evening time. There is a link vehicle or you can move with local people, here it has an energizing climbing course, through the precarious antiquated woods at the outset however not testing, with a perception deck on the highest point of the mountain.

Access: Take the Sapporo Shiden to the Iriguchi Ropeway to take the link vehicle or take the free transport from Maruyama Koen station on the Tozai line. For climbs, start at Asahigaoka Park (from the vehicle leave, about 1.5 hours to the summit) or the Jikei medical clinic (from the street between the emergency clinic and the Temple, an hour to the summit).

Mount Tarumae

Mount Tarumae is somewhat further away, yet offers a sublime perspective on Lake Shikotsu and is a still-dynamic fountain of liquid magma. On the off chance that you start from the seventh station, it’s a moderately short trip (60 minutes) however testing with the rough landscape – which means wearing shoes is irreplaceable. In the wake of arriving at the summit, you can drive around and appreciate the perspectives on the close by lakes and mountains including Higashi-dake. The magma vault is intriguing to view, however don’t leave the current way in light of the fact that the gas is dangerous.

Access: You can take a transport to Lake Shikotsu and take a taxi to the beginning stage of the move at the seventh station at an expense of about ¥2,700 one way (or just drive straightforwardly via vehicle).

On the off chance that you have a vehicle, there are numerous other mind blowing climbs to have a go at, including Poroshiri for genuine climbing and Mt. Tokashi for an amazing perspective (more than 2000 m above ocean level!).

4. Shikotsu Toya National Park

Shikotsu Toya National Park
Shikotsu Toya National Park

This spot has everything: astonishing perspectives, onsen, climbing and bounteous woodlands, and they are on the whole accessible inside reach of the capital. Named after two lakes and isolated into five distinct districts, there is bounty to see and you can undoubtedly go through the end of the week (or even seven days) investigating them all.

Noboribetsu and Jozankei are famous onsen towns, however in summer it is prescribed to stop by the city of Toya Lake and Toyako Onsen. Toya Lake is a lovely zone with loads of onsen and ryokan, firecrackers on consistently from May to October and the light move of Mt. Usu. On the off chance that you have a great deal of time, take a vessel to Nakajima Island and meet the acclaimed Hokkaido deer when You are investigating this island.

Access: To go to Toyako Onsen, take the Special Express (¥5,920) or neighborhood train (¥3,240) to Toya station and afterward take the nearby transport to Toyako Onsen (¥330). In the event that you are intending to remain at a Ryokan, many offer a bus administration from Sapporo, which can be less expensive than utilizing trains and transports!

On the other hand, you can take the Donan transport straightforwardly from Sapporo, yet the seat must be reserved ahead of time (¥2.780 one way).

5. Otaru


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Famous in winter, yet additionally great in summer, Otaru presents a loosening up Venetian environment on account of its excellent waterways. When a focal port and significant exchange, this little port town has a lot of noteworthy distribution centers and exchanging structures that have now been changed into bistros and displays. You can visit the Nikka refinery in Yoichi, walk around the channels and investigate the trademark Sakaimachi Street with its antiquated glass keepsakes and antiquated environment. There is a historical center devoted to the historical backdrop of Otaru and the link vehicle to the highest point of Mount Tengu to appreciate the fantastic perspective on the territory.

Access: 30 minutes on the Airport Line 101 to Otaru from Sapporo station, and the expense of ¥640 per way. (The Ishikari and Hakodate lines cost the equivalent however every take an additional season of around 10 to 20 minutes).